Develop in the Cloud with Visual Studio Code

How to develop on remote cloud instances using Visual Studio Code.

2 min read

13 Jan 23


GPU Programming in the Cloud

A round-up of cloud service providers, and a how-to guide for each

15 min read

22 Nov 22


Open Source Alternatives for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Across Multiple Devices

Gnome Authenticator for Desktop, Aegis Authenticator for Android, import and export between. Some other alternatives below.

2 min read

10 Nov 22


Matrix Gradients of Scalar Functions

Understanding the building blocks of reverse-mode automatic differentiation.

44 min read

7 Nov 22


Admonitions in Markdown

Working or failing gracefully across Apostrophe, Kramdown, and Jekyll. No plugins required.

3 min read

2 Nov 22


Responsive Images with Jekyll and ImageMagick

Step by step through the HTML, ImageMagick and Ruby. Works with Jekyll 4.

8 min read

30 Oct 22