Lawrence Murray

Research Article Rethinking soil carbon modelling: a stochastic approach to quantify uncertainties

D. Clifford, D. Pagendam, J. Baldock, N. Cressie, R. Farquharson, M. Farrell, L. Macdonald and L.M. Murray

Research Article Bayesian Learning and Predictability in a Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamical Model

J. Parslow, N. Cressie and E.P. Campbell, E. Jones and L.M. Murray

Software LibBi

Software package for Sequential Monte Carlo on high-performance computer systems.

Research Article Feynman-Kac Particle Integration with Geometric Interacting Jumps

P. Del Moral, P.E. Jacob, A. Lee, L.M. Murray and G.W. Peters