Research Comparative Analysis of Dengue and Zika Outbreaks Reveals Differences by Setting and Virus

S. Funk, A.J. Kucharski, A. Camacho, R.M. Eggo, L. Yakob, L.M. Murray, and W.J. Edmunds

Photography Beas De Granada

Duotone landscapes around Granada.

Photography Alhambra Muqarnas

Possibly a palace built for mathematicians.

Photography Elements of Calm

Forty-degree heat and the fountains of the Generalife.

Photography Open To Interpretation

Spacious landscapes and still life scenes on the Greek island of Tinos.

Photography Storm and Laundry

A camera and a riad rooftop in Tetouan, Morocco.

Photography Minimal Mediterranean

Abstract and minimal photography from Andalusia and northern Morocco.