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About is the website of Lawrence Murray, collating software, research papers, photography, and other creative outputs. It tries not to be too complicated.

Lawrence is a research scientist and software engineer with over 20 years experience in industry and acadamia; also an avid photographer and writer. His research interests include probabilistic machine learning, computational statistics, and high-performance computing. He mostly codes in C++ for open source projects, and blogs about it here.

Since 2019, Lawrence has worked as a Senior Manager of Research Science and Engineering at Uber AI in San Francisco. He previously worked as a senior researcher at Uppsala University (2016–2018), Oxford University (2014–2016), and CSIRO (2009–2014). He graduated with a Ph.D. in informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2009, specializing in machine learning, and a bachelor degree in software engineering from the Australian National University in 2004.

Most of the content on this website is freely available in one form or another: