Lawrence Murray

About is the website of Lawrence Murray, collecting together research articles, software, photography and other things. It tries not to be too complicated.


Lawrence Murray is a researcher at the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. He previously worked at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, and at CSIRO.

He received his Ph.D. from the the University of Edinburgh, and Bachelor of Software Engineering from the Australian National University.

His current research interests are in Bayesian statistics, computational statistics, and high-performance computing.


Photography has been an interest for over a decade, beginning with travel and landscape photography, and more recently in minimalist and abstract work, as well as a little street photography.

Digital retouching is also an interest, including developing new algorithms and software, such as the Photoshop plugins Tintii and Urban Lightscape.

Final works are curated on this website, but you can also follow work in progress on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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